We’re twins because we share the same soul.



A story of love, community, inclusion, and resilience. Watch PBS NewsHour’s report about lifeguards in Greece giving refugees swimming lessons. http://player.pbs.org/viralplayer/3005541587/

I think it’s important for the refugees to enjoy the water. You know, it’s something. They have had traumatizing experiences. Most of them, some of them, if not many of them, can’t swim. I believe these people deserve to have fun and relax, and appreciate the water, you know, the sea, the way we do.

Isidoros Lapsatis


The Power of Peaceful Protest

Non-action is sometimes very powerful. Sometimes we underestimate someone sitting very calm, very solid, and not reacting. And then they can touch a place of peace, a place of love, a place of non-discrimination. That is not inaction.

Brother Phap Dung